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Slate Floor Cleaning

Slate floor cleaning services in London

It could be a pain cleaning your Slate floor. It is often a big frustration choosing what to do. There are a number of organizations proclaiming to offer great results, but how will you make an informed choice. This guide will help you make an educated selection of a Slate restoration company.

Slate is an incredibly all-around stone that may be manufactured with many different appearances, from a coarse texture to a honed smooth or siny finish. Our company is principally called to restore a slate floor when it is affected with numerous layers of sealer with ingrained soil, so the surface looks dull and soiled. We have professional machines and treatments to get rid of the ingrained dirt and old sealers, recovering the original slate polish. We then use a lasting sealer which also makes your slate floor easier to maintain. If you like a smooth slate floor, we are able to grind a floor, subject to the slate being suited to grinding.

Slate Tile Cleaning

Slate tile cleaning services in London

If homeowners keep on adding coats of polish and sealer, without removing any older sealer, the result is a heavy, unattractive finish.

It is hard for a home owner to eliminate a build up of older sealer and polish.

Just how do specialists clean out the sealer residues and impacted dirt?

We use a powerful sealer remover and cleaner.

Then allow the sealer remover and cleaner to work for about 20 minutes to break up the old sealers and greasy impacted soil.

Rotary scrbbing equipment gets the impacted dirt from the Slate.

Next, rinse and vacuum away the dirty water and check out the floor.

Repeat the scrubbing until the floor is clean.

With smooth Slate, 1 or 2 scrub and rinse steps is generally adequate.

Rough Slate usually needs more passes.

The impacted soil in deep clefts can't be got rid of with scrubbing itself.

Hot rinse equipment will remove any remaining impacted soil.

The impressive mixture of high pressure and spinning nozzles releases hard to clean ingrained soil to be vacuumed off.<.p>

Pressurised rinsing cleans the left over soil.

Slate restoration covers every aspect of professional Slate tile cleaning and repair.

Slate Floor Repair

Slate floor repair services in London

When there's lots of movement in a subfloor, it usually leads to tiles cracking

You frequently see cracks in doorways and between rooms.

When there is a weak point in a tile, a crack may appear.

Crack repaircosts not as much as replacing the tile.

Whenever fixing a fractured Slate tile, the cracks have to be opened up to accept a filling material.

Diamond cutting tools can widen the crack to accept a filler.

Then we fill the crack by using a colour matched grout.

Grout needs to be left for a few days should you want to scrub, or hone the floor, otherwise it may sponge finished.

Slate may have a myriad of color tones in a single tile, so a crack mend is still visible.

However a dirty crack is unsightly when compared with a correct.

Slate Sealing

Slate floor sealing services in London

Kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms have a lot of oily and water spills to mark Slate. Spills can permeate the top of tiles, causing unsightly spots and marks. Supreme quality Welsh Slate can stain, and imported varieties can vary considerably in sbsorbancy. A stone sealer helps in avoiding the spill from staining the Slate.

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Impregnating Or Penetrating Slate Sealer

Slate floor sealing services in London

Slate is often sealed with an sealer, to protect and retain the natural appearance of a Slate.

2 or 3 coats of sealer is usually sufficient protect against water soaking into the Slate.

On Slate, the impregnating sealer must be topped up yearly.

Impregnating sealers on Slate will not prevent acid etching and chemical damage.

Topical Slate Sealers

Topical Slate Sealers in London

Film-forming or surface sealers are applied on Slate.

A surface sealer stays on the surface of the Slate, giving you spill and abrasion protection.

Surface sealers are popular for sealing Slate.

Surface sealers give additional protection for the Slate and grout.

A surface sealer used after an impregnating sealer provides better protection.

The impregnating sealer will help protect the Slate in areas where the surface sealer starts to wear away.

A surface sealer will need to be re-applied after two to 4 years.

We suggest checking wear areas every six months for wear.

If a location is displaying wear, deep clean the location to get rid of surface soil.

A number of coats of sealer should restore the finish.

If you will do this, your sealer will continue working much longer.

{Also, you will not have an ugly accumulation of sealer in areas that have low wear. |This also reduces unsightly sealer accumulation on edges and corners.|Also edges and corners will likely not suffer an unsightly accumulation of sealer.|By topping up where it really is required, {you will||you certainly will|you will definitely} preserve a stylish coat of sealer.}

Slate Polishing

Topical Slate Polishing London

Polishing Slate is done using a gloss surface sealer.

Then again, a slate floor can be ground and honed to a pleasant sheen.

It is not wise to hone riven or friable Slate. The natural flaking process continues, ruining the look of the floor.

Restore your Slate floors to help you enjoy them for decades in the future.

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