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Sandstone Cleaning London

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Cleaning Sandstone

Cleaning Sandstone London

Our Sandstone cleaning services deal with a number of Sandstone floor styles, covering classic local sandstone like York stone and flagstone.

Our specialists use a strong cleaning chemical onto the floor. Our specialists allow the cleaning chemical to dwell on the floor for about 20 minutes. Scrubbing equipment removes the soil out from the stone pores.

We rinse the floor with clean water and vacuum away the slurry. Our specialists continue with the machine scrubbing until it has lifted all the impacted soil it is able to. Smooth Sandstone is generally clean after a couple of scrubbing and rinsing steps. Tumbled Sandstone usually needs more passes. The dirt in deep holes can't be taken down with srubbing machinery alone.

Pressure Rinsing Sandstone

London Sandstone Floor Rinsing

A hot pressure rinse cleaning step is often needed. 

Pressurised water is driven into the holes, expelling the impacted soil, that's completely vacuumed away. 

The Sandstone floor is now nice and clean.

Sandstone Restoration

After the floor has been cleaned, we can see if there are more problems to be resolved.

Repairing Sandstone Tile Grout

Sandstone floor grout might get marked from spillages and affected extreme chemicals. more than deep set grout might help fix this issue. 

If the grout isn't more than 3 mm deep, we use diamond cutting tools to get rid of the old grout before re-grouting. 

Removing old grout and re-grouting is a costly job.

Damaged, chiped and cracked floor tiles can be repaired or replaced. The floor is then left to dry ready for putting on the stone sealer.

Sandstone Sealing

Sandstone sealing starts out with determining the sort of Sandstone and also the condition regarding the sub-floor.

Sealing Sandstone Floors That Do Not Have A Damp Membrane Film.

In old buildings, stone floors were put down without a damp-proof layer. using more than 4 million properties in the United Kingdom built in Edwardian and Victorian periods alone, it is a common issue. these kinds of floors need to be sealed with a breathable sealer. types of floors require a penetrating impregnating sealer. Normally, three or more coats will be necessary. 1 layer of impregnating sealer is not enough to shield these floors.

Sealing Floors That Have A Damp Proof Membrane

If you want to sustain the modern matt-look on your Sandstone tiles, an impregnating sealer will sustain the natural finish.

Sandstone could also be protected using a surface sealer or film-forming sealer.

A surface sealer stays over the top of the stone, delivering spill and abrasion protection.

Surface sealers are popular for sealing Sandstone.

Surface sealers bring extra protection for the Sandstone and grout.

Because the sealer stays over the surface of the stone, we recommend using a couple of coats of impregnating sealer to begin using.

The impregnating sealer helps to protect wear areas.

Surface sealers generally keep going for two to four years.

Still, you ought to examine traffic areas every few months.

If an area is displaying traffic, deep clean the region to eliminate surface soil.

Then top the area up with a couple of coats of sealer.

This advice can certainly make your sealer work for a lot longer.

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