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Sandstone Cleaning London

Introducing Exceptional Sandstone Cleaning London.

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Cleaning Sandstone

Cleaning Sandstone London

Our Sandstone cleaning programs deal with a selection of Sandstone floor styles, such as classic local sandstone like York stone and flagstone.

Our specialists put on a strong cleaning chemical on the floor. And then our technicians leave the cleaner for around twenty minutes to break up the greasy ingrained soil. Rotary scrbbing equipment helps lift the soil from the Sandstone.

After that, Our technicians rinse away the slurry and assess the condition of the floor. Continue scrubbing plus rinsing until the floor is clean. Smooth Sandstone is generally clean after a couple of scrubbing and rinsing steps. Additional scrubbing and rinsing passes may be needed on tumbled Sandstone. After scrubbing and rinsing, deep holes will continue to have soil.

Pressure Rinsing Sandstone

London Sandstone Floor Rinsing

A hot pressure rinsing step is usually necessary. 

Pressurised clean water is powered to the Sandstone, expelling the impacted dirt, that is immediately vacuumed away. 

Any remaining soil will be taken out with the hot pressure rinsing.

Sandstone Restoration

After the floor has been cleaned, we can see if there are more problems to be resolved.

Repairing Sandstone Tile Grout

Sandstone floor grout will get stained from spills and harmed by powerful cleaning chemicals. If you have got extremely deep grout, it could be regrouted with a new, grout. 

Diamond cutting tools may be used to remove damaged grout before laying new grout. 

Prices can increase if grout has to be taken out and the area regrouted.

Chips, damaged and cracked floor tiles can be replaced or repaired. The floor is then left to dry overnight ready for applying the sandstone sealer.

Sandstone Sealing

Determining the underlying floor should determine the sort of sealer to apply.

Sealing Floors With No Damp Membrane.

In older buildings, stone floors were put down lacking a damp proof layer. In the UK there are many older homes that have stone floors. The floors have to allow the free flow of moisture from the floor base, that will determine the solution of the sealer. types of floors need to have a penetrating impregnating sealer. In the majority of installs 3 or 4 coats of impregnating sealer will be enough to stop spills penetrating into the stone. Many floors only get one coat of sealer, which usually brings about trouble.

Sealing Sandstone Floors Set Upon A Damp Proofed Sub-Floor.

An impregnating sealer will not alter a matt or sheen finish.

Surface sealers are also available for Sandstone.

Surface sealers offer a protective film over the surface of the Sandstone.

Surface sealers bring more protection against acid etching.

The film serves as a sacrificial wear Film, accepting wear from shoe traffic instead of the Sandstone itself.

As the sealer stays over the surface of the stone, we recommend putting on a couple of coats of impregnating sealer beforehand.

The impregnating sealer will help protect the stone in places where the surface sealer starts to wear away.

Surface sealers typically last for 2 to four years.

We advise checking traffic areas every six for wear.

If a location is showing traffic, deep clean the region to have rid of surface soil.

Restore the finish with a couple of coats of Surface sealer.

Following this method, a sealer can keep going for years and years.

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