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The Professional Steps For Marble Floor Restoration London

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The Services We Offer Shouldn't Be Confused With Common Cleaning Carried Out Done By General Cleaning Firms

We deliver expert deep natural stone cleaning and marble cleaning that is certainly different to plain natural stone cleaning.

Good care has to be taken, since marble cleaning and stone renovation is a very skilled job.

Marble can be destroyed very easily by unskilled cleaners.

We have gone to lots of jobs where the marble has been messed up by cleaners who don't possess the experience or training of a certified stone remediation practitioner.

You will come across a lot of "commercial cleaning firms" giving this service working with very nasty abrasives and acids which will damage your stone. Once this happens we can normally take care of the issue though it might cost much more to fix.

All of the processes involved in polishing, Polishing and repairing Marble are called Marble restoration. A Marble Floor Restoration Project typically covers six steps.

Marble Grinding - For Ruined Or Irregular Floors

Marble floor grinding - What is the best way to polish marble

Marble grinding uses rough diamonds and heavy, commercial appliances.

Marble grinding removes lippage, which is a typical problem on marble floorings.

Lippage stops honing and Polishing equipment from developing an even finish.

Marble grinding removes the tile edges that cause lippage, leaving an even surface area prepared for further work.

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Marble Honing

Marble floor Honing - How do you protect marble

Honing with 100 grit two hundred and four hundred grit diamonds removes the scratches created by grinding or traffic, setting the floor for finish Polishing. Where a floor has delicate scratches and a percentage of lippage, honing is the starting point.

Marble Polishing

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Polished Marble looks amazing.

Small diamonds are utilized to greate a shine on Marble.

For marble in good condition, the restoration starts with Polishing utilizing 800 and 1500 grit diamonds.

Marble Sealing

Polished Marble should really be sealed with an impregnating sealer, to protect and retain the natural finish of a stone. 1 or 2 coats of sealer should really be sufficient for polished Marble. There isn't much sealer a polished Marble, so the sealer must be topped up every year. An impregnating sealer will not prevent acid spills etching the Marble. {Which means that acid spills for example [xfield_acid-spills] will penetrate the impregnating sealer on your marble floor, leaving a dull etch mark.} Strong coloured acid spills will etch and stain the Marble.

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