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The Professional Approach To Restoring Marble Floor Tiles London

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The Services You Can Expect Must Not Be Confused With Standard Cleaning Delivered Done By General Cleaning Businesses

We provide professional deep natural stone cleaning and marble cleaning which is different to ordinary natural stone cleaning.

Attention and care should be used, because marble cleaning and natural stone refurbishment is an extremely skilled job.

Natural stone is often damaged really quickly by untrained cleaners.

We have actually arrived at numerous work where the marble has been destroyed by organisations who do not have the experience or training of a certified stone remediation professional.

You will discover many "general cleaning firms" offering this service working with extremely extreme abrasives and acids which can harm your stone. Once this occurs we can generally repair the problem however it could actually cost a good deal more to correct.

Restoration is a process that can only be done by a professional marble restoration company. When professionals restore Marble, they go carry out six stages of restoration.

Marble Grinding - Where Marble Floor Restoration Often Starts

Marble floor grinding - Can you use car polish on marble

To grind Marble you require heavy, 60kg and heavier machinery and rough diamond tooling.

Lippage is a typical concern with all marble and tile floors.

If there is lippage, it makes creating an even, polished surface challenging.

Grinding eliminates lippage and damage, making the floor flat, permitting an even polished surface area.

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Marble Honing

Marble floor Honing - How do you restore marble

Marble honing beginning with 100 or 200 grit diamonds sets the floor for finishing by removing wear or grinding scratches. If the floor doesn't have any lippage and only light abrasion, honing is the start to make you stone appear incredible once again.

Marble Polishing

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A new, polished marble with its selection of colours and colors looks stunning.

Little diamonds are utilized to greate a shine on Marble.

If your Marble remains in good condition, Polishing with 800 and 1500 grit diamonds suffices to assist restore the shine.

Marble Sealing

An impregnating sealer is usually put on to polished Marble. One or two coats of impregnating sealer should always be sufficient for polished Marble. Polished marble tiles must be re-sealed every year to retain the degree of protection. An impregnating sealer is not going to prevent acid spills etching into the Marble. {Which means that acid spills for example [xfield_acid-spills] will penetrate the impregnating sealer in your marble floor, leaving a dull etch mark.} If the spill on your Marble has a strong colour, the etch mark is likewise stained.

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